What is Happy Go Give?

photo by Artur Pokusin

photo by Artur Pokusin

You don’t have to go far to see negativity in the world or feel like you don’t have enough to be happy.  But what if we flip that little fact on its head? When you scratch just beneath the surface, you see an enormous amount of good in other people, but that isn’t what typical media and advertising would have you believe.

Whether it is someone who is leading the way with some amazing social change, or someone going out of their way to brighten another’s day—I believe the world is made up primarily of this type of person. The sort of person who cares about their impact on others and if given the chance, would be a good person. Happy Go Give is a place to highlight these people and their behaviors and encourage each of us to be little more like them—all so we can make a little more happy!

Happy Go Give Values

  1. Make your community better: Whatever communities you are a part of, take responsibility to improve them. Assume the best intent in others, be the positive influence in the room and leave a place better then you found it.
  2. Be thoughtful and intent: Own your personal values and focus on them intently. If what you’re doing does not contribute to these values, find something else that does.
  3. Fight planned obsolescence: The world is full of things that are meant to be used very little and thrown away. Happy Go Give is out to change that. When something breaks, learn to fix it. If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.
  4. Be thankful for what you have: Distinguish between your wants and needs and be grateful for what you have. Spend a little time each day being grateful: it’s scientifically proven to make you happier.
  5. Spread happy to others: Smile more, help out your neighbors, laugh easily, say, “thank you” to the bagger at the grocery store…. these small gestures can make someone’s day and can make yours too.

Jackie Hobbins

Happy Go Give was created by Jackie Hobbins, avid volunteer, serial optimist, and mother of two. Jackie is a Christian, her husband Mike is an atheist and they still really like each other! Happy Go Give is full of the things that they both agree on and is a project designed to spread a little happy.