When the World is Heavy

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The world seems so heavy right now. Hurricane Harvey is devastating the lives of many Americans, politics are in shambles right now and North Korea. Someone close to me is recovering from a mastectomy, another has Alzheimer’s and sometimes it just all seems like too much. It is an easy place to find despair and cynicism—and even more important that we don’t. In these moments, what joys we can find , no matter their size or significance can be our strength. Have a listen…

In these moments where the world seems in chaos, we must hold tight to our humanity. We all share the human condition. We all experience, sadness, fear, happiness and joy.

Already, help is pouring into Houston. In a video of a recent evacuee center, a volunteer said,

“We have had a tremendous outpour of all these things from the community. As soon as we run out of blankets somebody walks in with more.”
I have worked in several disaster recovery projects and one thing was common in all of them. The small joys of people helping one another, carry people through these times. Americans have a rich tradition of helping each other in times of need. Time after time, folks band together to pull each other up, regardless of race, creed or background.
It’s time to do this again. Do not avoid the news, but get involved. Help someone in need and create a spark or two of happiness in our world. Pass it on.

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